Photography is something that some people have a passion for whilst others find it hard to even take a quick snap with their phone. I'm definitely not a photographer and generally forget to take 📷 even on memorable occasions.

So, lately I've been making an effort to capture my life in images. I'm no "I take a photo of every meal" person yet, but I will maybe remember a photo at birthdays. Which is a definite improvement.

The catch is that my cheap Xiaomi phone (I refuse to pay obscene amounts of money I don't have on a phone) doesn't always manage to get the photos just right. Don't get me wrong, the phone performs amazingly and the camera is pretty good. But it's not professional camera good, and sometimes you want that higher quality.
Now, there is no magical way of making your phone camera better.

However, don't completely give up on your mediocre photo yet. Editing is a pretty underrated thing and can definitely revamp a snapshot.

Lately, I've been using Snapseed. It was actually recommended to me by a multimedia professor who seemed to know what he was doing. My friend, who really is a "I take a photo of every meal" type of person also backed up the recomendation and went on to talk about the app for ten minutes. To be truthful I didn't really take any interest at the time. Until I took a photo of my 🐶 and was having problems with the sunset backlighting him.

That was when I remembered Snapseed and made a quick visit to the app store.

So, why do I like Snapseed?

I don't think it's the best photo edition app. Obviously PC programms like Adobe Photoshop are going to crush Snapseed in every aspect. But the reality is that it's super quick and free! You take a photo on your phone and you're able to quickly edit it in under a minute or two.

Another aspect I really enjoy is it's simplicity. You definitely aren't overwhelmed by a big amount of tools which ultimately don't really do anything. You have the basics and they are easy to use. Sometimes a little enhancing is all you need.

The selective tool is my favourite and it's what I mostly use. It allows you to select different sections of the image and apply the editing to that part exclusively. The edge detection is really great and it's amazing for correcting backlighting.

The actual proof that it's good is in the fact that I've used it a lot, whereas other apps have been swiftly uninstalled after a few tries. And although it's nothing major, you can easily see an improvement in the general appearance of the pictures. That said, if you are looking for a free, quick and easy to use photo editor then I would definitely recommend Snapseed.

And now, I'm off to watch The office because life is too hard!

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