Even though we ❤️ code, there isn't any involved this time.

Sometimes it's hard or we don't have time to design a cool and professional portfolio/window of ourselves to promote our brag-worthy achievements. Other times there are some really handy webapps to help us with that goal.

That's why today I'm sharing 3 amazing resources with you to get a really good looking and polished online presence in less than 5 minutes (they use visual editors).

🎉And Totally it's Free🎉

#1 Your personal landing page with rebout.me

This tool is the perfect window to show up on Google. In a nutshell, a landing page is a web where you highlight your valuable content (yourself, a product, a service...) and add links related to the content. With rebout.me it's so fast to set up and it looks so premium, that it could seem too good to be true. But it really is true. I had my landing page ready in less than 5 minutes!

Just go to rebout.me and press on Start building online. You can write your name, a short description of yourself and upload a picture for the round placeholder. Then you have an optional call to action button, where you write any text and url, and the possibility to add links to your social media + other resources.

But have I told you that you can add your own domain with SSL for free?👏🏼

Editing free landing page with rebout

Check out my simple landing page to get some inspiration!

#2 Responsive online CV with RabbitCV

I've always had trouble with creating my CV. I would search for hours🤯for online templates. The only ones I liked were paid templates, didn't exist anymore or had lots of watermarks. So I ended up styling my own based on one I chose and it took forever!

Until now 🙌🏼

When I found RabbitCV, I was amazed with how quick I had my CV written. There were 12 well styled templates to choose from, I changed the default colors, copy-pasted my previous CV content and... DONE!🍾

Just go to RabbitCV and press on Create your CV. After registration, just write your name, upload the best picture of yourself and write some basic contact info. Then add your skills, languages, education and work experience, and you're done! In 3 steps you'll have successfully created a great CV and chosen it's style (responsive). The last step is to get the link of it, or download it as an old boring PDF. But old or boring Isn't equal to bad😉.

But have I told you that you can see analytics of your CV too?👏🏼

Free online resume profesional with rabbitcv

Check out the result of my test CV

#3 Responsive online business card

This is the simplest of all the resources today, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful! Just press on the pencil at the bottom right, and start editing the card! To host a picture (if you are using one) for the card, I recommend you use imgur.
If you have a website, you could even host the card generator yourself, as the code is on the creator's Github

So, I hope you found this post interesting and useful😁. If that's the case, you know, press CTRL+D or CMD+D (save bookmark📘), and check Not an Engineer every now and then.

As a hint you could mix the services together and have an awesome online presence😎 for free. This would be my suggestion:
  1. Create awesome landing page - rebout.me
  2. Create professional CV - RabbitCV
  3. Add CV to the call to action button of landing page
  4. Add own domain to landing page