Hello to anyone who happens to have stumbled across this! ๐Ÿ™‹ How are you doing? I'm Cami and this is my first post, so hi! Hopefully, it will be the first of many collaborations on Not an Engineer. As it happens, I also am not an engineer. THANK GOD.

Who am I?

I'm currently a 21 year old student at uni who has an unhealthy obsession with beer, adores laying in and eating ๐ŸŸ. And I love dogs. Here is gif of what I would like like in dog form.


My degree is in journalism, so initially it might not seem very connected to the content on this "blog". But maybe I can bring something new and entertaining to the page. In relation to technology and programming I'm not what you would call an expert but on the other hand I'm not daft either. I can sort of navigate my way through most things, I think!
Mainly I'm more into the design side of things, and enjoy using programs like InDesign. Hopefully I can share some tips and ideas that could be useful for polishing up a project and making it visually pleasing. And also a ramble now and then.

So... back to introductions

As I found myself tasked with writing an introduction I realized that it's actually pretty damn hard to describe oneself, especially online. Life at this age is about getting over the initial hurdles of adulthood and learning to cope with the highs and lows. So it's always nice to get a few pointers. That's why I decided to include some advice on introductions.
Obviously you've met new people before and know how to act accordingly when greeting them (I hope!). But let's say the encounter happens online. It gets slightly more complicated when it's in writing.

Online introductions: A short guide

I think the first thing is to keep it short and to the point. They don't know you so if you send them a wall of text we can assume they won't too thrilled. And the laziest might not even bother with it.

The next thing to take into the account is the situation. Who are you reaching out to? If it's just wanting to start a casual conversation up keep it light and maybe include something funny to capture their attention.

"First round of ๐Ÿป on me!" "I know you are procrastinating at work so read me please๐Ÿ™" "All of my passwords are in this email"

If it's a possible employer then make sure to be polite but compelling. The important thing is to write a first line that will make them want to carry on reading.

"Are you looking for a professional (...)?" "Inspired by the work (company or employer) has/you've done" "Looking to be a part of (company)"

After that first subject line ask about them. How are they doing? Compliment them on their work, their online presence or whatever has made you want to reach out. It's important to get their attention before actually introducing yourself.

Okay, so now you need to explain your reason for contacting them

Don't be shy about it. Getting straight to the point is better, but always connecting the dots with what you've previously said.
if you just complimented someone on their amazing book review, go on to tell them that it's inspired you so much and would really like to get their opinion on your latest article. Tell them, for example, that it would mean so much as you really value their criticism and take on things.

It you are emailing a prospective employer then follow up your compliment of their work at the company by explaining that you would like to be a part of their amazing work.

To make that time you've spent stressing over your message worth it, you need to include a call to action. Make sure to attach something like a landing page with all of your links or a professional CV. Enrique actually just posted some tips to make this easier. And then finish off with a "thank you" and your name.

Lastly, and this is IMPORTANT.

Always follow up. Just do it. A short message to let them know you are still interested and waiting for their response. It's tried and tested and makes it so much more probably that you will get a reply!

I know this has got long and tedious but I promise I'm done for the day. I basically broke my own rule about them being short and sweet. But I hope it all might help you out someday, you never know!
I hope we meet again and thank you very much for reading! Cami

P.S Here is a cute doggy who is also exhausted and is just crossing the finish line!!